Olive Packing Comapny

The premier manufacturer and co-packer of national branded and
private label gourmet and specialty products.

Why Choose Us

Co-Packing & Contract Packing

Dramatically increase your profit-producing potential with KT FOODS. Our experience, expertise, support services and capacities can provide a lower-cost way to satisfy your existing business, explore new business, or to produce new products that will help you stay in front of customer trends and demands.

By selecting The Olive Packing Company for your Co-Packing you:

  • Reduce capital requirements.
  • Reduce the cost of extending your product line.
  • Reduce the cost of creating new brand offerings.
  • Reduce lead-time in getting a new product to market.
  • Avoid unnecessarily large production runs.
  • Gain access to skilled, artisan labor for specialty gourmet offerings.
  • Access the energy and insight of the industry’s leading innovator and co-packer.
  • Introduce new products into your distribution.

We also offer our products in numerous different sizes of deli cups. These cups provide our customers an opportunity and competitive edge to merchandise in areas of the store (namely deli and produce) that are not available to product packed in standard glass jars. In addition to the traditional retail packaging options, we also offer product in sealed plastic bags for use in foodservice and deli bar applications.

The Olive Packing Company owns and operates a 35,000 sq. ft. facility in Port Arthur, Texas. The plant was retro-fitted specifically for the growing specialty food category and contains state-of-the-art refrigeration, processing and packing equipment, and significant storage capacity. Our products and processes are registered with the Texas State Department of Health Services and with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our quality control standards, procedures and reporting practices exceed the requirements of both agencies. Our central U.S. location means we can ship anywhere in the country more quickly and from a shorter distance than companies based on the East and West coasts providing additional real cost savings. Our close proximity to the Port of Houston greatly reduces the time it takes to receive shipments and reduces fees that accumulate for drivers, mileage, taxes and fuel.

The Olive Packing Company and its products were recently certified Kosher and remain under the supervision and certification of Kof-K